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1993 ranger high idle

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  • 1993 ranger high idle

    Hi, I have a 1993 ranger 6cyl 3.0. I got into the truck the other day and I heard a pop while starting it and the idle shot up to around 2200rpm. I've been looking for fixes but nothing seems to be wrong. I've been told that when I unplug my IAC that it should stay at high idle, but when I unplug it the rpm drops to around 500. Should this happen? Do i need another IAC ? If not what other problems can i look for ?

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    Well the problem is really new for me too, never heard it happening to anyone before. The problem could be in your Idle Air Control valve and there are proper fixes for this part like cleaning and perhaps lapping if it too much damaged. I would suggest to get your IAC checked from a verified technician and also look if the behaviour is continuous.