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Components in rain. Any thoughts ?

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  • Components in rain. Any thoughts ?

    I currently have my 2016 F150 with 1,000 miles in the shop for the last month for white smoke. When I stopped by to get some items out of the truck I noticed all my part have been sitting in the back of my truck for the past 2 to 3 weeks. It has rained a little bit during this period however I’m concerned about the amount of dirt/trash blowing into the parts during this period.
    Should I be worried about this causing future issues once they reassemble the motor?
    I asked about this but Ford so far acts like this is a non-issue.

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    The parts being put back on will be checked and cleaned prior to reassembly .This kind of thing is quite common in w/shops , storing parts in the trunk / boot of the vehicle also and one of the reasons why owners are not allowed in !!! In my opinion , nothing to get unduly concerned about .


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      This is not an issue at all. So have no worries nothing will go wrong. just find time to clean them from time to time.