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  • Suggestions for New Car plz

    I've just been made redundant and am lucky enough to be able to claim my work pension at the same time so I have a little bit of money, around £14,000 to treat myself to a newer car? I currently drive a 2005 MKII Focus LX with around 85000 on the clock, my niece is claiming the car to go to uni and it's now called Fiona the Focus. I know which colour I want, Deep Impact Blue and I would like to get a Titanium if possible. I'm not sure if I want a petrol or a Diesel engine. I'm Capt. slow slower brother so I don't need an RS or an ST. Anyone have any recommendations engine and fuel wise?

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    Hi Marc have your considered the 2016 Ford Fiesta - MSRP? It has a 120-horsepower, 1.6-liter engine that can be paired with the category's first six-speed dual clutch automatic transmission, and it offers a fuel milleage of 26 mpg city and 38 mpg highway. I think to a large extent it suits your description.


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      I will go for the ford ranger anytime any day. i strongly recommend you do so too.


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        First you need to jot down that what requirements do you really want to have. If you're an offroader or need it for the rough terrain, you might want to consider a heavy shock absorbing truck but if you're looking for the smooth rides, there are some amazing rides available. Do your research well before you proceed


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          Get any ford mustang series probably black and a touch of red will be the coolest car you will love.